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We as a team here at Dr.Vivek's multi-speciality dental care, deliver quality service for all our patients with all the specialists at their dispense. The founder and chief of our organisation, Dr.Vivek Kandanuru, spearheads all the activities and indulges in all the cases by himself. He being an Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist), was a successful consultant specialist at more than 25 clinics in Hyderabad and also has a rich academic experience which fetched him a designation as Reader in teaching horizon. He is also research scholar who had his research published in world renowned research journals.

Dr. Vivek Kandanuru who is a versatile dental practitioner has excelled in all kinds of dental treatments, very much specialised in Root canal treatments, Dental Implants and Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry. He started his practice humbly 10 years ago and succeded in gaining popularity very soon, for his special skill of stunningly precise treatment outcomes and benevolent behaviour with patients. Increasing popularity gave him an opportunity to expand his clinic to alluringly spacious premises which attracted lot of applause from patients.

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He graduated from Narayana Dental College and Hospital @ 2005 batch and Mastered in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics from Narayana Dental College and Hospital @ 2011batch. He is also Office bearer of Indian Dental Association, Cyberabad. He actively participates in social activities in conducting camps to promote Dental Health. He even exercised an opportunity to pursue PG in Medical law and Ethics from India’s NO.1 Law University that is none other than National Law school of India University, Bengaluru. For his remarkable work in the field of Dentistry he was awarded VAIDYA RATNA award in the year 2022.He as a dental specialist have treated more than 10,000 patients by his own hand and count is still going on. If one is in search of a dental specialist who can patiently take them through the process of counselling, treatment planning and delivering successful treatment their search certainly is going to end at his clinic, only to begin a healthy teeth journey

Our Vision

Dr.Vivek's Dental Clinic offers a wide range of preventive and diagnostic services including complete dental exams, urgent dental evaluations, dental X-rays, fluoride treatments, minor restorations, and consultation. All dental services are provided by licensed dentists, hygienists, and assistants.

Our Mission

Dr.Vivek's Dental Clinic offers a "Grand Welcome to a Happy Smile" through successfull & experienced surgeons with 100% Quality and Assurance.
" We Welcome you for a Happy Smile!!! ".