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permanent dentures Advanced Orthodontics

Advanced Orthodontics

Great smile makes a great day. Beautiful smile is mostly dependent on properly aligned teeth. Orthodontist is the specialist who can make smile beautiful and correct malaligned teeth.

Correction of forwardly or inwardly placed and twisted teeth is done by Orthodontic teeth movement in 2 ways.

  1. Braces
    • Ceramic Braces
      • Self ligating
      • Non self ligating
    • Metal Braces
      • Self ligating
      • Non self ligating
  2. Clear aligners/ Invisable aligners

One way of treating is through application of braces. Braces are placed on teeth and alignment is done by a suitable wire. Orthodontic teeth movement by Braces treatment is a time taking procedure which can take up to 8 months to 2 years, based on patients preoperative teeth position. Monthly one or two visits to be attended by patient based on treatment plan.

  • Braces:

  • Ceramic Braces are completely tooth coloured, which makes it difficult to other person at a distance to appreciate the braces on their teeth. The intraoral tissues like cheek, tongue and lips feel little comfortable when they come into contact with Ceramic Braces than metal braces.

  • Metal Braces:

  • Whereas the metal braces are quite visible from good distance as well. Metal Braces have their own disadvantages and advantages like unpleasant appearance and strong enough to withstand forces of teeth movement respectively. Maintenance of oral hygiene is of utmost importance during this procedure; Due to poor maintenance, movement of teeth might be retarded.

  • Clear aligners/ Invisable aligners

  • Clear aligners or Invisable aligners are newer treatment technique which stands as first choice of treatment by younger generation. It does not require any kind of wire or bracket to be placed on the teeth. It is absolutely brilliant transparent material with which these aligners are made; the elasticity of this material makes the teeth to move. Using next tray would not need to be done under specialist monitory.