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what is root canal treatment for teeth
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

The most common reason why a patients visit a dental clinic is Pain. So, first what is dental pain??

As tooth gets grossly decayed, the pulp of the tooth gets infected, either damaging it or exposing it, which triggers intense pain.
Decay progresses deep within the tooth, which makes infection to spread into entire root canal system and can even spread into supporting structures of the tooth i.e bone.
Then what is the solution for this…?

This is a completely painless procedure, where the entire tooth is inspected, cleaned, shaped and filled. Initially we gain access into the tooth by removing all the decayed portion of the tooth. After analyzing the anatomy of the tooth and its canals, all the pain causing infected pulp is excised and the canals are sealed.

This treatment can be completed in single to multiple visits depending on the infection. With the latest instruments and newer techniques we provide the best treatment. Local anesthesia is administered adjacent to the site of the tooth. This makes it completely painless procedure.

We at our clinic perform root canal treatment by a more advanced way called Rotary filing. In the technique specialized rotary hand piece with an attached rotary file is used to clean and shape canals, step by step. Introduction of this technique revolutionized root canal treatments. By which patients can save lot of time and energy.

We are proud to announce here that, so far we are cruising ahead with 100% success rate in root canal treatment at our clinic.