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dental implants Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Oh..! this missing teeth, does it need to be replaced? Yes, replacement of missing teeth/tooth is mandatory, because they lead to lot of complications in later days if not replaced.

Complication mainly includes supra eruption of tooth located opposite to missing tooth socket, as it does not have clashing tooth. Supra eruption of tooth might lead to irregular biting plane which might lead to food accumulation around supra erupted tooth which might eventually lead to dental decay or cavity.

    Tooth can be replaced in 3 ways:

  • Dental Implants
  • Fixed partial dentures (commonly called bridges in general terminology)
  • Removable dentures

Among these 3 procedures, Dental Implants stand as best solution for replacing missed tooth/teeth, due to many advantages it has got compared to others. Main advantage include adjacent teeth do not need to be disturbed for placement of dental implant as it is the case with placement of Fixed partial denture. Medical condition of the patient is also very important criterion in selecting the treatment plan to replace missing teeth.

Reasons to get teeth replaced:

  • Right and left jaws can share equal loads while chewing food. Side of the jaw with missing teeth cannot handle equal loads as its counterpart.
  • Missing teeth will have negative impact on appearance and smile. Complete teeth will give complete confidence to smile.
  • To chew and grind food properly
  • To prevent drifting of adjacent and opposing teeth from natural positions towards missing teeth socket.

Dental Implants are made up of biocompatible material called Titanium. Titanium dental implants are available in different qualities, sizes at different prices from different manufacturers which suits different bone conditions.

Selection of Dental implant:
Selection of implant depends upon the site to be implanted. The site of implantation will be examined for the quality of bone by a radiograph. And the medical history of patient will be evaluated to check for any contraindications. People with the diseases like uncontrolled diabetes, poor oral hygiene, psychologically less motivated people for dental treatments and bone related disorders will be subjected to keen scruitiny in curating Dental implant treatment plan.

Implant will be placed inside the bone with the help of special apparatus, once seated properly it will be left for healing; suture placement follows. For implant to osseointegrate it would take 3months duration after which crown placement happens. These implants act as anchorage from within the bone to support the future crown which will be seated upon it after implant osseointegrates successfully. The crown will be selected based on the patient requirement like quality, warranty, shade and Price. Our Implantologist at Vivek Dental will always guide you based on your requirement and clinical condition.