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dental implants Dental Implants

Dental Implants

“Oh..! this missing teeth, do I need to replace them” is this what you’re thinking? Yes you are right; they have to be replaced and we are here with the perfect solution.

    Teeth replacement can be done by 3 ways:

  • Dental Implant
  • Fixed dentures (commonly called bridges in general terminology)
  • Removable dentures
Among these 3 procedures, implants stand as top priority due to many advantages it has got compared to others.

The reasons to get teeth should be replaced are:

  • For a proper bite
  • Appearance
  • To chew your food properly
  • To balance the other teeth present in their position/ to prevent drifting from natural positions

The recent advance being the use of IMPLANTS, where the teeth are replaced with the support of the bone. Implants are made up of biologically acceptable material called Titanium. Titanium implants are available in different qualities at different prices from different manufacturers.

Selection of implant depends upon the site to be implanted.
The site of implantation will be examined for the quality of bone by a radiograph. And the medical history of patient will be evaluated to check for any contraindications. People with the diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis and bone related disorders will be reconsidered before going ahead with procedure. Implants are placed inside the bone with the help of special apparatus, once seated properly it will be left for healing followed by suture placement. Post operative instructions will be provided to the patient about the maintenanace of implanted site. It takes 2 to 3 months for the implant to integrate with bone. These implants act as anchorage from within the bone to support the future crown which will be seated upon it after it heals completely.

Later the condition of the implant is verified using radiographs; the crown will be selected based on the patients requirement like quality, warranty, shade, cost. Our dentist will always guide you based on your convenience. Then crown fixture to the implant will be done using high quality material.