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Pedodontic Care

Dental Treatment for children is different from adults. Same implies for dental health. In an adult oral cavity the numbers of teeth are 32(Thirty two); whereas for children they are 20 and they are called milk teeth/ deciduous teeth. It starts with the eruption of their milk teeth and their shedding, followed by their replacement with permanent teeth.

Early childhood caries is a big problem bothering parents of present day generation. It happens mainly because of nursing milk bottle throughout the night. And sticky carbohydrate rich food is also one of the important reasons. Mother is the best care taker of child oral health.

Fluoride varnishes and fluoride tooth pastes are available to combat dental decay. But for Infants who cannot spit fluoride rich tooth pastes are not advisable. Fluoride free tooth pastes are available for infants.

Treating children needs a lot of patience and expertise. Specialized instruments and advanced technology are at our dispense to treat children. Effort from the caretaker, more often the mother is very important as children would neglect their dental health. Here at Vivek Dental we provide you the recommended measures to be followed.