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deep cleaning teeth cost


Scaling is necessary to those, on whose teeth deposits and stains are formed. Deposits are formed due to the continuous depositions of the food which were left uncleaned. These deposits are more frequently seen in the area where the bristles of tooth brush cannot reach; like the inner side of the teeth and between the teeth. Stains are very different from deposits. Stains are of many kinds, like stains of tea or coffee, fluorosis stains, stains from smoking etc. these stains adhere very hardly to tooth structure that cannot be cleaned by just brushing it needs scaling to be done.

Scaling is procedure where all the teeth are cleaned in all the directions to remove the deposits and stains present on them. This procedure is done with an ultrasonic hand piece specially designed to reach all the surfaces of teeth in any direction and perform stain removal in a gentle way.

This hand piece has a water channel, where water comes out with high speed which allows the instrument to work effectively to clean all the minute debris. It can even take one or two appointments based on degree of stains or deposits.

After the treatment, patients are prescribed a proper tooth brush, mouthwash [if required] and instructions on the method of brushing. Scaling is recommended for every 6-8 months for all individuals.