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cavity filling


Black spot on your sparkling white tooth? what is it? How does it happen? And reasons behind it to happen

The black spot more often is the dental caries/decay which occurs due to demineralization of tooth substance which more often is represented as ‘cavity’ in regular phonetic usage.

It happens due to acidic attack of the germs which flocculate on the tooth surface because of improper oral hygiene. The germs releases acids which inturn damages the properties of tooth structure, which makes it weak.

How to address this problem?
It involves removal of dental caries with sophisticated dental handpiece followed by filling the prepared cavity with appropriate dental filling of your choice. It’s a completely painless procedure

What is this cement? It is a material, which has been prepared to be exclusively used for dental cavities. There are many varieties of cements used for filling of cavity. Based on color, strength, size and position of tooth. It is adapted in cavity with proper instruments, in such a way that it suits your cavity without any discomfort. Wide variety of cements of high quality we maintain at our hospital, you can get best out of them.