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Tooth Extraction

Extraction is a painless procedure, done under local anesthesia. The tooth is removed from the socket with proper technique, with as minimal post- operative pain as possible. Extraction is done when the tooth is no longer healthy or it has no significant role in chewing activity in the oral cavity. Tooth becomes mobile when it loses its bone support; which many patients find it to be difficult to eat at this stage and prefer to go for extraction. After extraction of tooth post-operative instructions and medicines will be given to the patient. Extraction socket takes 2 weeks to heal initially, to come out of all the symptoms. But complete healing underneath tissue happens over a period of 2-3 months. Proper cleansing and hygiene in the region of socket is required for early healing to happen.

Impacted Tooth Impacted tooth is the tooth which fails to erupt into the oral cavity in a proper direction like the other tooth due to limited space available. The most commonly impacted tooth is wisdom teeth. As they are last to erupt into oral cavity, they find limited space to erupt properly, thereby they get impacted. Extraction of impacted tooth is considered as bit more challenging than normal tooth, because of its position and its proximity to nerve bundles.

All the extractions are performed in complete aseptic conditions, with advanced technology and high precise instruments which are sterile in our premises.